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Populism and Elections in Europe

Brännpunkt Europa invites you to an interesting lunch seminar on the topic of Populism & Elections in Europe - more specifically Populism and Electoral Performance in contemporary Europe. We are pleased to welcome Jonathan Polk and Mats Ekström from the University of Gothenburg.

When: Thursday 6 April, 12:15-13:00
Where: C24, Handelshögskolan (School of Business, Economics and Law), Vasagatan 1, Göteborg

Populism is rising both in Europe and globally. Brexit is happening, Donald Trump became President of the US, there is a clear wave of populism that is creating momentum for political parties. This year there will be elections in some European countries, starting with the Netherlands this week, France in April/May, and Germany in September. 

This event will focus on populism in connection to the upcoming European elections. It will also draw on voting behaviour, meaning why people vote for populist parties and what role the media plays in this, as well as electoral performance.

Jonathan Polk, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Political Science and the Centre of European Research (CERGU). He received his PhD in political science from the University of Georgia in 2012. His research focuses on comparative political party and electoral behavior in European and other OECD countries.

Mats Ekström, Professor at the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication. He received his PhD in Sociology at Uppsala University. His research interests among others lie in journalism; media, politics and democracy; young people's media use and civic engagement. He is currently doing a project on right-wing populism in the news media.

NOTE: Free lunch baguettes for the 30 first attendants.
NOTE: The event will be livestreamed.

We hope to see you at the event,
Brännpunkt Europa Team