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NATO and the EU

NATO and the EU- Sweden's military cooperation
Myths and facts

We from Brännpunkt are proud to present Major General Karl L E Engelbrektson - Former charimain of NATO CFI Task Force and Swedish Armed Forces. He is going to give you a talk about NATO and the EU. The Connected Forces Initiative (CFI) aims to enhance the high level of interconnectedness and interoperability Allied forces have achieved on operations and with partners. CFI combines a comprehensive education, training, exercise and evaluation programme with the use of cutting-edge technology to ensure that Allied forces remain prepared to engage cooperatively in the future
The year is 2016. 
The world is an uncertain place, ravaged by conflict and strife, and there are daily threats to peace. In Syria, the bloody civil war rages on, and in the east there is an eerie echo from the past in the form of a more aggressive and expansive Russia.

Many argue that Sweden is poorly equipped to deal with this reality. The big divide in Swedish defense politics is about the military alliance NATO - we either join officially or remain on the edge of it in the name of Swedish neutrality.
But what is NATO? How does the defense alliance operate, and how does it work together with the EU? In the heated political climate myths may circulate, so what's true and what's not?
To illuminate the public on this subject, we have the honour and the pleasure of presenting Major General Karl Engelbrektson of the Swedish Armed Forces.

The Major General has previously served as Force Commander of the Nordic Battle Group and was Sweden’s former Military Representative to the EU and NATO, and we’re delighted to be able to partake of his long experience and insights into the world of defense politics.
Because even in this uncertain world, we at Brännpunkt Europa still hold one thing for certain: knowledge and education are the keys to peace and a better world of tomorrow.